Borne out of a curiosity with how decorative glass ‘petals’ for desk lamps were produced, Tekno Glass’s early leadership team realised a significant opportunity for larger format applications existed such as windscreens for ambulances, buses and the marine sector, together with food-bends for the catering industry. The main challenge though was efficiencies – capital investment and production times escalated costs hindering the appeal of the product. This led the engineers at Tekno Glass to invent their own manufacturing equipment.

The new furnaces operated on a different principle, with quicker production at a fraction of the cost of internationally available furnaces at the time. This provided Tekno Glass with a very competitive edge over other glass benders.

By 1995 we had mastered the art of bonding two panels of curved glass with resin, certified to the required safety standard for the use of laminated glass in buildings. This was a major development that delivered a future with huge potential as the use of curved glass as an architectural product was new to the building industry.

In 2000, Tekno Glass developed processes to bend complex curves in 3D enabling manufacture of superior windscreens for the marine industry. This led on to the automotive market with certification to American Land Transport Standard ANSI Z 26-1 being achieved making it possible to supply automotive screens internationally.

2007 brought a $2m expansion with the installation of specialist machinery to bend and toughen glass and another to water jet cut glass. Tekno Glass is well known internationally for its unique ‘glass laboratory’ philosophy. Worldwide, companies approach Tekno Glass to design, test and manufacture specialist glass products to suit particular challenging applications.

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of Tekno Glass and the culmination of a three year, $3 million investment programme significantly expanding the capabilities and capacity of the business to better serve its rapidly growing export market. The Company officially opened the new facilities on November 23, 2015.

By developing and building our own machinery and mould systems, Tekno Glass has grown from bending glass for upmarket light shades to become the largest specialist curved glass manufacturer in marine industry. The next chapter for the business will be shaped by the dozens of highly skilled dedicated glass professionals employed at Tekno Glass today.