Type A:

Shallow cylindrical bend; arc not to exceed 58 degrees

Type B:

Cylindrical bend; arc exceeds 58 degrees but not 90 degrees

Type C:

Curve-plus-tangent with curve limited to 60 degrees. Tangent may not constitute more than 1/3 of the total girth

Type D:

Curve-plus-tangent with curve not exceeding 38-1/2 degrees of arc. Tangent may not exceed the arc

Type E:

Curve-plus-tangent type has a tangent not more than twice the curve and curved portion not exceeding 90 degrees of arc

Type F:

Curve exceeds 90 degrees but not 128 degrees

Type G:

Non-circular curve. Shape is that of a shallow letter "S"

Type H:

Central curve flanked by tangents which may be equal or unequal. The curve may not exceed 90 degrees, and both tangents together in length may not exceed 1/4 the total girth

Type J:

Tangent-plus-arc-plus-tangent; curve 90 degrees or less, the tangents together, equal or unequal, not to exceed 3/4 of the total girth

Type K:

Curve exceeds 128 degrees but not 180 degrees

Type L:

Two curves of like radius and each not exceeding 90 degrees with a common tangent between them

Type M:

Deep-curve-plus-tangent; curve will exceed 90 degrees of the arc

Types of Edgework

Seamed, pencil ground, pencil polished, flat ground with chamfer, flat polished with chamfer.