Tekno Glass approaches all glass projects as an entire system to evaluate the specific needs for each undertaking whether it is a repair/refit project to a new build. This method improves the overall efficiency of the process and saves clients precious time and valuable resources.

The Tekno Glass Process: 

1. Examine the yacht plans to review the design of the window system and determine if there are any methods to improve on them.

2. Identify which Classification Specification the yacht was constructed to ensure compliance with the agency.

3. Evaluate what type of glass is warranted for each application?

4. Based on that evaluation, Tekno Glass’s team provides any necessary technical testing data required by regulatory agencies (DMV, ABS, Lloyds, etc.)

5. The area is then digitized/measured. This is prepared digitally by the master technicians who finalize the process afterwards through sophisticated software applications. The 3D Digital scans are accurate to a + or – 2 millimeters.

6. Glass products are ordered and shipped anywhere in the world.

7. Installation—professional installers arrive at the project. The team carefully prepares and preps all glass surfaces. The detailed renderings and precise measurements ensure that installation is even more accurate and swift.

Tekno Glass was among the first worldwide yacht glass installers approved by both Sika and Bostik—the world’s leading adhesive manufacturers.